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"..what sets the T8s apart from other speakers I have heard is that sense of wholeness or seamlessness."
"..the T8s remind me of one of my top, always on task, never being rude or offensive, well spoken, polite, and so impressive."
Reviewed by Dave Clark for Positive Feedback, Issue 64, November/December 2012 Read the Entire Review

"A beautifully layered soundstage and lovely clarity, coupled with an easy naturalness, mark these out as a class high end act." Noel Keywood review of T-8s in HI-FI World, UK, April 2010

"The sound, in short, wonderful! Very natural, full, non-fatiguing sound, often approaching live performances, particularly with operas, symphonies and jazz. The soundstage is very three dimensional." Dr. S. Boardman, reviewing the Chapman Q6, early prototype for the Chapman T8, Audio Asylum, '03.

"The Chapman sound is CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! Built for systems with serious two channel components. These speakers are ruthlessly revealing while at the same time intoxicatingly listenable! Like an iron fist inside a velvet glove. They can caress you, or if you crank them up, crush you! And all the while do it with panache." Doug Schroeder, reviewing predecessor to the Chapman T9, Audio Asylum, '06. Read the Entire Review

"...a triumph in full range speaker design at a price that real people can afford." M.G.D. Bound for Sound, '95

"Toward the end of the review period, I came to the conclusion that the Chapman T7s were just about the best thing I'd heard outside of real music." B.B. Sensible Sound, '92

At its price, the Chapman T7 is a tremendous deal, easily qualifying for 'Best Buy' status" K.S.B. HiFi Heretic, '90

"Transients have real impact as does that incredible bass"  -  "the extension is flat out thrilling." '91 M.G.B. Bound for Sound, '91

"The first thought that crossed my mind after firing up the T7s was, 'Thank heaven the apartment below me is vacant.' Bass power is simply stunning..." K.S.B. HiFi Heretic, '90

"So how did the T7s sound? Good. No, let me rephrase that: damn good. When I first hooked them up in place of my Vandersteen 2Cs, I was struck by the T7s clarity, detail and wide open dimensionality. It was quickly apparent that these speakers were something special." B.B. Sensible Sound, '92

"Dynamically, this speaker is quite exceptional in the way that it contrasts loud, soft and everything in between." M.G.B. Bound for Sound, '95

"...the Chapman further dazzled with its combination of quickness, clarity and imaging. The sound stage set by the T7 was huge (in height, width and depth) this greatly enhancing my appreciation of the orchestra's size and energy. Strings and bass came across with excellent presence and immediacy..." K.S.B. HiFi Heretic, '90

"...these speakers always sounded like music. They have the uncanny knack of drawing me into whatever music happened to be playing at the time, even if the recording was less than great. If you buy another pair of speakers before hearing the T7s, don't blame me. A $ensible Choice? Yes, yes and yes again." B.B. Sensible Sound, '92

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